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Pay Per Click Search Engines Are a Great Way to Test Your Products & Services Online! And 1 Quality Backlink to help YOU with SEO in 2018!

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It seems that Pay-per-click search engines are a great marketing methods to test out some of your products, services and business ideas online. But first, people have to know how to use them properly...

They can be a great way to get traffic to lets say a website or a blog... especially after you've submitted your website to the organic search engines and are waiting to get some traffic to your website.

So pay-per-click SE enables you to start getting traffic right away to your website while you wait for months from traffic from the organic search engines; especially if you've submitted your website to the search engines and are doing a ton of backlinks and other forms of link exchanges to try to get a better ranking in the search engines. It can still take some time to get traffic to your website.

So while you wait just capitalize on using pay-per-clicks. This will allow you to test your offer, your website, the price of your products and services, and even the product or service itself to see if it will work.

But if you really want to become successful at pay-per-click search engine marketing, you need to understand basic math. If the traffic that the per-click-search engines are driving to your website makes you more money than the cost to buy the clicks, then they are a very good investment.

However, the downfall could be that it may make you money today, and not make you money tomorrow. Simply due to many factors, including: your competition, limited knowledge on how to use pay-per-click SE properly, and of course, bidding too high on a highly competitive keyword. This can make you lose money very fast.

So, try less competitive keywords with higher volume; lets say, 100 keywords with a bid of about $0.10 to $0.60... And if this doesn't work because the description of your pay-per-click campaigns are very short, only allowing you to use 2 to 3 major keywords; then maybe just put 10 keywords to the test to see your returns.

But from my experience, it's better to start with 100 keywords to bring in as much traffic as possible to test to see how it converts. And then, narrow it down to just 50 keywords, and then 20, and then 10. Especially if your top 10 keywords are bringing you the most targeted traffic.

Now this may take a while to perfect, but once you spend some time to perfect the arts of pay-per-click SE, you will be satisfied and you will see the results of your labor. It's definitely worth it while you wait for your website or blog to get better ranking in the search engines and to become more popular overall through social media and other forms of viral publicity.

Now let's talk a little bit about, the popular, sometimes the most powerful, SEO, better known as the royal and bonafied: Search Engine Optimization! Everyone wants to know about this, because it's well, you know, FREE!

But did you know that a lot of people are willing to invest something like $1,200+ to get themselves higher in the search engines and maybe even $2,500+ to also get their website to go viral?

I don't blame them, because the rewards are definitely worth the investment! Why not make an extra $20,000 or $40,000+/Year combining the free traffic you'll get from the organic search engines and the free traffic you will get from Social Media...

Even if it takes a little bit longer to get these results, it's definitely worth it! So you should always start by making certain that your website is as optimized as you can... Make sure, you use longer keyword phrases for specific searches that your potential customers might put in for a search in Google and other top organic SE...

If not, and you feel that you can get a higher rank for a more competitive and shorter keyword phrases, then make sure that you have a lot of backlinks using those specific competitive keywords... sometimes the more backlinks you have for those specific shorter keyword phrases, the better your ranking and the more traffic you will receive, and on top of that if you can impliment a specific social media marketing plan with this keywords, you can't lose...

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