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"Get a job or create a job? In today's 'Internet economy', everyone can make money online." - Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, APPLE Computer

The Elementary Secret approach is to "Motivate Yourself as well as others" continually! If you motivate yourself; you'll most likely never give up on this NEW system, but if you can motivate others all around the world; you can convince them to do business with you to make money worldwide. And You can do this starting within 5 Minutes from now!

This would also mean finding a new way to motivate yourself to succeed in every area of Your life... If you can do this, making money online will be a piece of cake!

Why? Because, there are harder things to achieve in life than making money online. Once you get the proper FREE information, you'll find out that creating a job could be acutally easier than getting a job. But if you don't have the proper information, then getting a job would obviously be much easier.

The FREE 9 Step process that even a 10 year old boy or girl can follow that we provide for YOU inside the "MakeMoney Worldwide package" works very well! Whatever you're good at, you can always motivate others to do the same!

For instance, when I normally go to the gym to workout, I always focus on improving my endurance and strength... I improve my endurance by playing a lot of basketball and I play it fast and with the proper form and when people watch me, especially the kids; they start to copy what I do so they become good at it also... Same goes with lifting weights, trying to get stronger... I like being in that public setting so that people can watch me and get motivated to also become stronger.

Now, if they all become even better than me at basketball or lifting weights, I would be very happy for them... the same goes with YOU using the FREE 9 Steps associated with the "Makemoney Worldwide package" in the member's only website... If YOU end up doing better than me in making more money online, I would be very happy for YOU... My purpose for living here on Earth would be worth it... However, to start motivating other people to succeed, you need to first "love yourself" and have "confidence in yourself", so when people ask you questions or advice, you would have no problems helping them out... and even "cashing BIG" online with your advice will eventually become a piece of cake.

Now to understand further as to what I'm talking about, I want to conduct a little simple experiment with you "right now". Okay, take just 3 to 5 minutes and say these to yourself several times before you continue reading... You can even close your eyes when you say these and let it sink deep.

"I love myself" - say it about 7 times

"I believe that I can succeed in anything I put my mind to" - say this about 3 times

"I believe I'm healthy" - say this about 6 times

"I believe I'm wealthy" - say this about 7 times

"I believe I can make a lot of money this year on the internet" - say this about 10 times

Now I'm trying to help YOU to mainly focus on the mental aspects of success... already picturing yourself as being successful in your mind! This is scientifically proven to work at least 90% of the time, which is "absoultely mind blowing"! Many people may have said to you that you may never amount to anything in life, or you'll never make any serious money online; it's only for the wealthy and the smart people... and doing if for FREE, that's literally impossible! But if you can condition your thoughts to think the opposite way, you will eventually start seeing results YOU taking more positive actions.

Things that once seemed almost impossible, will now seem possible - You will find out that making your first $5,800/month for FREE is actually possible... But it doesn't stop there, you now need to start motivating other people around you. They don't neccessarily have to be just your friends and family, they could even be strangers... because you're just trying to get them to join your team to help YOU make money online this year! Motivate them to purchase something valuable from you... By the way, this is not a recruiting program because those don't work very well anymore. This MakeMoney worldwide program is something NEW that customers now want.

For instance, lets say you have a product that's worth about $400 but it's on sale for about $100, and if you can't find one, I can help YOU find 1 or 2 products absolutely FREE... And then YOU would find about 5 people (which won't even cost YOU a dime!) whether you know them or not, you can email them and sell them the $100 product, you would then make $500. Now let's say that YOU have at least 4 years of experience doing business online, you can let them know that you have valuable information; some of them you will collect from me, to help them make money and since you have 4 years of experience online, you can also sell them a coaching program for about $150 to $200 in addition... If you don't have a coaching program and have less then 6 months experience online, I can give YOU one absolutely FREE that YOU can use over and over again to sell to these 5 people.

Now because I have 17, almost 18 years of experience online, I can easily sell my coaching program for around $1000 to $1,200.

Now, this is what's working in terms of making money online these days in 2016 and we'll be seeing even more in 2017... And you'll be banking in a larger profit margin than those products that some people online are only selling for a measily $7 to $19... I've tried them and even tried that approach and it doesn't work! And worse, some of them are MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) that doesn't work either. These products give you very little value and you can't even make huge profits from them. And it's very hard to motivate people who are under you or in your downline to buy the $7 products while trying to make your small profit from that, and tell others to do the same! No, it doesn't work! And I only like things that work!

You need to find higher quality products that people would pay good money for and you would make $100 to $500 a sale... that way if you only sold 2 everyday, by the end of the month you would make a minimum of $60,000/month... and even if you were a bit lazy and only sold a handful in 1 month you can still make a good $5,800 to $10,500+/month... And the Hidden Secrets to do this are inside the NEW "MakeMoneyww package"! The steps to do this are also "very easy" even for a 10 year old. And later on you'll find out how a 10 year old boy or girl can do this too.

You will see other Hidden Secrets of what this "2016 Version of MakeMoney Worldwide" can offer you including the 9 Step process that You can start using today, absolutely FREE.

The Hidden Secrets in the "MakeMoney Worldwide Package" is amazing and you will enjoy the NEW ideas! Getting a hold of this new information will be critical to your success! My Average Income Earners love these Hidden Secrets!


Because it gives them the secrets to making 1 to 2 sales a day, everyday... absolutely FREE!

My Top Income Earners love these Hidden Secrets because they can use it to generate 5 to 8 sales a day...

After months of extensive research, that's when I got my hands on these hidden SECRETS that people need to be using "right now". It can now be yours absolutely FREE!!!

Yes, those SECRETS that the wealthy website owners are using now to make more money online from their home or office every day... While others only make 1 sale every month!

1 sale for the entire month? That's pitiful and disgusting! Especially on ClickBank where most people see $0 every week on their Dashboard... But now people are seeing $3,200+/week... I know some people who have charched me $2,100 to Access their systems, and I only made 1 or 2 sales for the entire month... That's why I decided to make this MakeMoney Worldwide system, very different and let YOU access it for just a fraction of the cost of that "expensive $2,100", but with much better returns like, 10 to 25 sales a month!

And they are not all from Clickbank... Infact most of them are high quality products that I've found that you can sell using Paypal or other Merchant Accounts! And they are not affiliate products either, because with affiliate products on ClickBank, you may only make $22 a sale and other people are selling the same products in your same market with the same pathetic affiliate website that people can steal your affiliate codes from... The only way my top income earners were able to make $1.2 Million dollars selling other people's products on ClickBank was that they first made a lot of money accessing the member's only website - The MakeMoney worldwide package to get the right products to sell using Paypal, Worldpay, or other Merchange accounts along with motivating their customers to access their coaching program to sell them their higher quality knowledge for $300 to $600 that they were willing to pay for... And believe me, these 5 people that you'll be contacting at first will eventually want to buy your coaching program for $300 to $600.

And once my top income earners did this, they made enough money to take other people's products on ClickBank and sell them in a totally different market where there's no competition and invested more money everyday on advertising... and I show people this in my coaching program - the one I call "My Consultation Package" that's worth $6,000 that you will see in the member's only website. But other ways to make your first $4,000+/month can be done absolutely FREE once you access the "MakeMoney worldwide package"

I'm so glad that I've Discovered this - the better way of the wealthy website owners! So that YOU make more sales on a daily basis...

And let me tell you, my friend, the Secrets of these wealthy website owners who are making 5 to 8 sales a day actually works...

It's amazing to see all the knowledge they possess... they even have very sneaky strategies that they want to start using in the month of June 2016 to quadruple their sales! And if You access it all "today" You will already know what they were using before this month to triple Your sales or make at least $5,800/month!!!

Why not possess this type of knowledge now, so that YOU would know exactly what they know and much more...

This information with Its Marketing System would normally sell for $597 to $697 on some of the Top Make Money Online, and Wealth Building Seminars.

Now if I told you that most of what you will see for FREE would normally Cost YOU $8,000 to learn at the University or College! You would probably look at me like a lunatic...

But no, If these closely guarded Secrets are being used by wealthy website owners and million dollar business people don't you think that people would pay like, $8,000 to go back to school and learn them?

Absolutely, I know I would!

But "right now" you don't even have to pay a dime after YOU access it in the members only website...

My name is Koffi Amouzouvi, founder of which has 2.3 Monthly page views, and high Alexa rank! I also have 17 years of experience, and founded the "MakeMoney Worldwide" Package that has helped Internet Marketers, MLM Opportunity Seekers, Small Business Owners, Other Advertising Agencies, Website Owners, and even regular people with no experience "right now" to SkyRocket their sales and Make More Money in the most unique ways!

"The 2016 version of The MakeMoney Worldwide Package" was specifically created for this decade; from 2010 to 2020! Similar to how Google Ads and the “.com” gold rush were in the decade; 2,000 to 2009… And of course the pre-internet gold rush of the 90s decade!

More on What I Discovered...

Similar to how dollars add up quickly, You need to discover areas around the internet where you can find a network of tools that You can apply this 9 Step process absolutely FREE so that you can increase YOUR exposure quickly!

I wish this type of information was available last decade, along with a consultation package if not purchased correctly would cost You $90,000 like it does for most businesses.

Another thing that I want to add is that it’s not your lack of money that’s the major obstacle that’s in your way… It’s more like, the lack of an idea!

So, keep in mind that, when you start and want to make some serious money online, the key is not looking for a colossal million-dollar advertising budget. All You would need is $200 to $300, and even if YOU don't have that money, you can always get a temporary job for 1 or 2 weeks and then quit that job... I know people you've done this accessing one of my coaching programs... I've done it myself at one point, and ended up making an extra $3,000 after I quit my job! So the good news is that there's always hope when you have a little bit of money with the proper knowledge. But when You have too much money and very little knowledge you could lose it all if you're not careful.

I know a lot of people who’ve lost 10s of thousands and even close to a million dollar trying to make more money! The problem was, they had too much money and very little concept or idea on how to effectively apply the tools to generate huge profits.

So before we continue, please join my FREE Newsletter... And then read the rest to finally get the Hidden Secrets...

Now you better hurry up... And I mean, move quickly and Get all the information that I have Discovered So that you'll get a head start...


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"Subject: Excellent Package and Software,
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"Wow, Hi Koffi, Stuart from Scotland, here I've just purchased your package Info in installments and logged into the members area, wow! I am a member of Neil Shearings private site and thought I'd seen it all until I saw yours. You have over delivered, I just dont see how I can fail to make money with your package and all these resources and personal guidance. I can't wait to tell my sister what I've come across;-)
Love and God Bless, Stuart"
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So, normally this "MakeMoney Worldwide Package" would cost you $697 if I presented on some of the top wealth building seminars...

  • I also want to help all the newbies who have no experience at all, and don't even have an Idea, but still want to Make some extra money online.

  • And of course, the intermediate business people and those who have an idea, but hardly any money get started in my 2016 version for less than what you would spend partying during the weekend...

    So I've reduced it from $197 and $97 to an amazing $39, but this is only for a short time... Because, just like other systems, as the value increases, so will the price... anywhere from $197 to a whopping $397... depending on what tools are being added in my members only website that are making people a lot of money... But again You will only get charged once for a lifetime Access to the members only site... whether it's a one time fee of $197 or $397! No monthly fee!

    The fastest and best way to order this package is directly online with Paypal. Use this method and you do not have to wait, you will get the KEY to access the package members only website! You will get lifetime access! However let me know if You want to use other convenient method of payment like, Western Union, or others... my full name is: Koffi Amouzouvi and my email is: Incase you want to e-mail me first, but I just want YOU to get started as soon as possible and have that success.

    If You have other Questions about the Package or want to find other ways to make money with just email me at:

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    By the way, There are the 4 Bonuses with the 2 Ultimate Bonuses that you will see with the $97 Package, I want to keep it a SECRET to surprise YOU once YOU access the member's only website along with the FREE 9 Step Process... YOU will Enjoy These Goodies!!!

    So you'll be getting an Overall value of $697.

    So it only make sense for me to raise the price from $39 to $97 or even to $197...

    And Most people would blow through $50 to $100 in one weekend partying... Why not use this simple $39 to change your future for the better!

    Again this will be a limited time offer for for another little while, then it will definitely go back to its regular price... Maybe even higher to about $300+ for our Independent Business Owners in my industry who are willing to pay this much for it.

    Again, the fastest and best way to order this package is directly online with Paypal. Use this method and you do not have to wait..... You will get the KEY to access the package members only website! You will get lifetime access! However let me know if You want to use other convenient method of payment like, Western Union, or others... my full name is: Koffi Amouzouvi and my email is: Incase you want to e-mail me first, but I just want YOU to get started as soon as possible and have that success.

    If You have other Questions about the Package or want to find other ways to make money with just email me at:

    Or call me at:

    Now, Why should I trust this Package, or even

    Well, you can trust me because, has an estimated 2.3 Million Monthly Page Views and a high Alexa Rank!!! I have one of the best Insider Secrets to Making more money online and Building Wealth nowadays"

    So What Type of an Assurance or Guarantee will I give You?

    I will offer you this assurance... if you're not satisfied with the package, I will offer you more tools to help you to start generating profits.

    I want you to really create success rather than giving up and returning back to where you've started.

    I'm 100% confident that you will make money with this package.

    And to strengthen this Assurance even further...

    We will give you a Full 1 year, to access this POWERFUL package... within this 1 year, You can email me at: at any time for coaching to help you use the Most Powerful Money Making Resources along with the top Secrets so that you make at least $20,000 in additional profits in your 1st year... If You don't make at least $5,000 to $10,000 in your first year... just ask me for a refund of your $39!

    If you don't like me or for whatever reason, just ask me for a a refund!

    So Why am I selling this Package that's got $697 worth of Resources for under $40?

    Well, I have learned to always give a helping hand when you can give it and not be selfish to over charge people.

    Plus I'm doing this so that people who don't have that much money can get into the members site to get every powerful Insider strategies in the Package to save them from spending over $3,000 like how I did in the years 2000 and 2001 with very little returns.

    And Most people would blow through $50 to $100 in one weekend partying... Why not use this simple $39 to change your future for the better!

    Again, I honestly wished somebody had given me this same type of Opportunity when I started my Internet Business back in 1999... I would be thanking them 1000 times over ;-)

    I look forward to receiving a letter from you telling me "how well you're doing" with this MakeMoney Worldwide Package. They are the best letters that I ever get. Thank you very much for your valuable time...


    Koffi Amouzouvi

    If You have other Questions about the Package or want to find other ways to make money with just email me at:

    Or call me at:

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