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Just like regular real estate where you invest in a property, you can do the same with internet real-estate and even get better results... For instance, if you put the same $100,000 that you would normally put in a house or property, but put it into this NEW internet real-estate, and building an email list, you would have close to 200,000 people on your list with an opportunity to make anywhere from $100,000 per year to a whopping $700,000+ per year.

Some List Building Packages suggest that you Get all your Traffic and Subscribers from Facebook for FREE using Fan Pages, but the problem with this is that, FREE doesn't always pay the bills and everybody now knows about Getting FREE subscribers for nothing... This is like Getting FREE Traffic that most of the time doesn't convert... The secret is actually Getting 50% Targeted Free Traffic and 50% Targeted Paid Traffic... so that you'll have a good overall balance!

However, from my own experience, I'd rather pay for traffic that convert! Just like in Real-Estate, You have to Strategically put Money in to building value before YOU become wealthy... Trying to do it for FREE all the time? Well anybody can do this... So this may not work for YOU because of that... Why not Build an email list with 200,000+ People on it strategically with one of the #1 Internet Marketing and Money Making Websites Online Today!!!

I've Discovered this in a series of Expensive Business Seminars that cost me around $5,000! I've learned a lot from these Expensive Business Seminars and I've poured them all on my website and package! I wanted to do something different from everyone else to help YOU! I don't have a "long sales video" to show YOU or an elaborate slide show to try to mesmerize YOU like everybody else! I just have the Secrets that cost me $5,000 that you can start seeing on this website and package!

The famous Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder, APPLE Computer said this: "Get a job or create a job? In today's 'Internet economy', everyone can make money online."

The secret is in knowing that there are multiple little secrets that you need to know that you can put together, just like a puzzle! Don't go look for 1 BIG Fat Secret that's going to make YOU Successful online or rich overnight! It doesn't work that way...

Internet Marketing takes time, but if you know what these New Traffic sources are and start applying them today, you can definitely be on a much faster track to create success online and make $100,000 to $700,000/year and even more... because it all depends on how fast you go through this NEW Discovery on our Members only site! Even if You don't fully understand this concept, just access the package today... Knowledge is Power and learning something new will get you that much closer to eventually making $100,000+/Year.

Again, this Cyber Real-Estate or Internet Real-Estate for 2018 is definitely more powerful than regular Real-Estate because of the Technology and Innovation. Everything moves so much faster online these days than ever before... Like, if you put the same $100,000 you would normally put into regular Real-Estate but online you would probably make 5 to 10 times more... Even if you only started with just $100 to $1,000 online getting the proper Package, you will begin to build some Amazing Cyber or Internet Real-Estate value using your new found knowledge of this New Discovery, your website, and your email list.

This NEW Discovery allows you to go through our series of Top Leads to get Free & Low Cost Targeted and Quality Traffic... So, the Faster YOU go through these leads, the more money YOU will make worldwide, plain and simple! $$$ And if You don't know what these Top Leads are that are making people more money "right now" don't worry, the package will show you "today"!

Keep in mind that this NEW Discovery is actually from an older traffic source that's been modified to be more effective than ever before! It's definitely the new way of getting traffic and making money online NOW and for 2018! And if you start now, you will reap the exceptional benefits in the near future! You'll find out what I mean!

You'll be Getting an Overall VALUE of $697. That's almost $700!

You'll be Saving around $597! This means More Money in Your pocket!"

You will See How one of our Average members was able to make $6,000+ in 3 months! You should See How You can Possibly Make even more than this!

You can make your 1st $2,000+ in a short period of time & Start paying some bills.

And if You can make your 1st $2,000+ in let say a week only spending 2 hours a day... Imagine how much YOU would make if you spend 6 hours a day! This will give YOU more Freedom and time to spend with your family and friends!

You will have access to our database of 35 Million leads to Get thousands of your own leads to help you make more money every single week!

The more leads YOU get from our database of 35 Million overtime, the more leads you'll have of your own, and the more money you will make overtime!

You will also Get 2 of the Top $50,000 to $100,000 Money Loan & Business Credit Kits that our Successful Members are using inside this Package.

internet marketing, make money online

Even if you don't have a website right now or an email list, just knowing this and getting the Package is like Hitting the JackPot, because it will give you the best ideas on what to do starting now and seeing what other people are doing to make $100,000 to $700,000+/Year and going into 2018!

This is one of the greatest Opportunities because this Package is like Real-Estate, but it doesn't cost that much to get started! The Package is the only Internet Real-Estate Package that shows YOU a completely different and NEW way to Make Money Online for 2018... With the Awesome concept of Making Money at your current Job, Borrowing Money, And using the Current Internet Resources to Make More Money online similar to what an off-line Real-Estate agent would do in financing, buying and selling property.

Google, Facebook, Youtube, & Yahoo are the top sites that you should be focusing on... However, There are other opportunities out their to build Facebook Fan pages for FREE, but I find this not that effective because Facebook users not really engaging and most people have lost thousands of dollars on Facebook Advertising... There's only a few good ways to use Facebook and you'll find this inside the Package also!

The Elementary Secret approach is to use Google first! Anyone including yourself can search for things using Google, and if you don't know how to do this, just go to Google "right now" and Search "business" and you'll get the idea... and then combine it with This NEW Secret Traffic Source that I've Discovered to extract some information from "your searches" to just get a little bit of visitors at first... and then use the Information to double and triple those visitors... It's Amazing!

And I'm not talking about getting ranked high in Google to get the traffic, because that takes forever and it doesn't always work... I'm talking about using Google in a completely different and new way to make more money online for "THIS YEAR" and going into 2018!

Although, I still do talk about getting ranked High on Google and other top search engines also on one of my links: "Automating Your Business or Money Making Efforts Are Your Keys To Growth for 2018" by using 3 special tools! I'm doing it for the small businesses and corporations that contact me... However, individuals like you can also use these 3 Powerful tool "Right Now"! This Link YOU will also see inside the Members only section... And This Link will also give YOU the true Essence on How to use this to Make Your $100,000/Year to $700,000/Year through Automation...

Here's is the Sample of it in blue...

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Whether You are selling a product, service or finding a unique way to make money online, the key is being able to profit and grow beyong your capacity.

If you are spending most of your time, or almost all of your time doing things manually, especially trying to generate traffic and get visitors to your offer without using some sort of automated robot or software, you are wasting your time and you will not be able to grow your business.

And also keep in mind that if your competitors who are automating their business or money making efforts get a hold of the software and you don't, they will blow right past you and make more money and have a higher ranking traffic website.

But, I guess the good news is that if you start automating your business traffic right now and your competitors are doing the same right now, then at least you'll still be successful, because you're still be getting the automated targeted traffic that you need to make a ton of sales and grow your business or money making efforts the same way your competitors who are probably making $10,000/month!

Now, I'm not saying that you can't make money online without being automated, you definitely can. But in order to make a lot more money like your competitors who are probably pulling in $10,000 to $20,000/month, you need an automated software that can give you all that traffic on autopilot. And this needs to happen ASAP, because their are other markets you need to be in to try to grow your business or money making efforts. And this could be happening while the software is doing the work for you automatically.

You shouldn't have to worry about targeted traffic that will make you sales... day in, and day out! That's why many big companies are taking advantage of this type of technology, so that they can expand their client base in other markets other than, just spending time trying to generate targeted traffic manually.

So one powerful tip, that I can give you is that...

You will Get the rest of this inside the Package and of course much more, remember, this package is worth $697! It's definitely worth even taking a sneak peak to see what's inside...

This state-of-the-arts Technology had also extracted more of the Best list totalling up to 35,000,000+ leads to get YOU the Best Results and make you more money now and in 2018! Soon it will be at 36,000,000! Very Exciting and our members love it!

If You don't know about these leads "right now" whether you have a website or planning to create something for yourself in the future, you`ll be left behind by other people who know about these leads

So, what I would suggest is to, read through this quickly and try to access these leads! Some people are willing to pay upwards of $2,000 for them, because they know that they can turn things around and use it to make their first $10,000! This is actually possible!

Since I've been doing business on the Internet for 18 years - from 1999 until now, I've had the liberty to see it evolve into something totally different today, but every year from 1999 to this year 2017, I know what's been working and the new money making resources that you need to replace the old money making resources with! But still using some of the old resources in a very unique way that will help YOU make at least $45,000/year is still possible!

And these "old marketing resource" being used in a "unique new way" for "THIS YEAR" and going into 2018 are these leads that I found... And they are still working extremely well and generating sales like wild fire!

Again, I've gather the Best Lists that totalled up to 35,000,000+ Subscribers! If only 2% see your Ad, You will get an Amazing 700,000+ people worldwide and if only 1% of them buy your products and services that's 7,000+ sales... that's some serious cash!!!

And what makes this even more POWERFUL is that, If YOU were able to go through the entire list of the 35,000,000+ Leads, The MakeMoney WorldWide Software had Estimated that YOU would receive about 4 million Targeted Visitors and approximately 250,000 Subscribers or more! They would be on your very own list forever... And You can contact these leads any time you want with your products, services and business ideas all for FREE... and this can easily make YOU more than $100,000+/Year Guaranteed! And since You'll have your own list of 250,000 Subscribers added to your original list, YOU may be even able to make $20,000+/Month... Anything is possible with that large list of 250,000+ leads!

So, when YOU Access This Information today, I will introduct myself so you'll get to know me better... So far, what you'll know about me is that, I have 18 Years of Experience Online and built the #1 Internet Marketing & Business Marketplace in 2017 and then: I'll show YOU my Top 6 Marketing tools that I use to Get Traffic to my website that You can start using to go from a few subscribers to your first 350+ subscribers/month and then 1,500+ subscribers/month and more, and this will also include My Top 2 Money Loan and Business Credit Kits that I use to Get $20,000 to $100,000 to use to make even more money... Then I'll go into the Top 2 Lead Capture Pages that you can get some ideas from... Then I will finally Show YOU the list of 35 Million Subcribers that You can easily go through to Get your own list of 250,000+ subscribers from the 35 Million and counting... Yes, there are power in BIG numbers, and more money to be made the BIGGER the number!

It would Cost YOU $2,897 to $4,000+ to learn this at a Wealth Building Seminar and way more to learn this at a University or College...

This information would normally sell for $2,897 to $4,000+ on some of the Top Make Money Online, and Wealth Building Seminars.

I wish this type of information was available last decade, it would have SAVED Me a lot of money.

Remember, it’s not your lack of money that’s the major obstacle that’s in your way… It’s more like, the lack of an idea!

So, keep in mind that, when you start and want to make some serious money online, the key is not looking for a colossal million-dollar advertising budget. All You would need is $200 to $300, and even if YOU don't have that money, you can always get a temporary job for 1 or 2 weeks and then quit that job... I know people who've done this, accessing one of my programs in the past... I've done it myself at one point, and ended up making an extra $3,000 after I quit my job! So the good news is that there's always hope when you have a little bit of money with the proper knowledge. But when You have too much money and very little knowledge you could lose it all if you're not careful.

I know a lot of people who’ve lost 10s of thousands and even close to a million dollar trying to make more money in general! The problem was, they had too much money and very little concept or idea on how to effectively apply the tools to generate huge profits...

That's why it's very crucial for people to Get this Package so that they don't lose 10s of thousands of dollars!

Now the reason why I'm making this Package very affordable is because I want YOU to get started "today" Risk Free

I also want to help all the newbies who have no experience at all, and don't even have an Idea, but still want to Make some extra money online.

And of course, the intermediate business people and those who have an idea, but hardly any money to get started in the NEW version of "the package" for less than what you would spend partying during the weekend...

But, remember this is "Top Secret" I'm not even allowing affiliates to sell it!

This is going to be one of the Greatest and Most POWERFUL Money Making Package with the value of $697 that you'll ever see "right now"!

We've even hired the best Professional minds to help put this package together and they even suggested very strongly that I raise the price of this package immediately! Because I told them what this package can do for people like YOU, it knocked them off their chairs, I mean they flipped, and said that, "I was crazy for leaving the price of the package at just $97!" Well folks, maybe I am a bit crazy for doing it! But I really, really, really want YOU to get started Risk FREE!

So I've decided to keep it at the amazing $97. Again, a lot of my average income earners who are currently in my members only website earning a lot of money are still nagging me to increase it to at least $297 or $497... To get closer to the price of what its actually worth! So for YOU, it's definitely a "no brainer" to get it "right now" for just $97... And Save Yourself $597!

And YOU also have to Ask yourself "How much should I be willing to pay for Secrets that cost someone else $5,000 to learn?"

Yes, because it cost me $5,000 it's only fair for me to charge YOU the same or at least half... "right?" But why not start a good relationship with YOU by first of all, giving it to you for a lot less, and then give YOU even more just for the heck of it!

By the way, There are 4 Bonuses with 2 Ultimate Bonuses that you will see with this $97 Package, I want to keep even these bonuses as discreet and low key as possible so that you make the most money as possible! The more money YOU make, the happier I get, and I really mean that!

Again, You'll be getting an Overall value of $697 Saving Yourself $597 very easily! Sounds like a good deal?

If You have other Questions about the Package just email me at:

If YOU didn't get a chance to Access the FREE newsletter... Please do it soon!

Now, Why should I trust this Package, or even

Well, you can trust this website and I, Koffi A, the owner who has 18 Years of experience online eversince 1999, and also because, is currently the #1 Internet Marketing & Online Business Marketplace in 2017 for "its affordable Package Prices"!!! And has now brought more value to individuals, small businesses, and even some corporations!

So What Type of an Assurance or Guarantee will I give You?

I will offer you this assurance... if you're not satisfied with the package, I will offer you more tools to help you!

I want you to really create success rather than giving up and returning back to where you've started.

If you don't like me or for whatever reason, just ask me for a a refund!

So Why am I selling this Package that's got $697 worth of Resources for under $100?

Well, I have learned to always give a helping hand when you can give it and not be selfish to over charge people.

Plus I'm doing this so that people who don't have that much money can get into the members site to get every powerful Insider strategies inside the Package to save them from spending over $3,000 like how I did in the years 2000 and 2001 with very little returns. It would be better for you to get your feet wet with just $97 or $197, instead of throwing away $3,000+ like I did!

Again, Most people would blow through $50 to $100 in one weekend partying... Why not use this simple $97 to change your future for the better!

Again, I honestly wished somebody had given me this same type of Opportunity when I started my Internet Business back in 1999... I would be thanking them 100 times over ;-)


How I was able to make $6,000+ in 3 months? I just bought the - MakeMoneyww Package" --- Alex Birchwood, Information Technology Agent

"I was able to make over $700 in 1 week reselling my products and services using your information. I couldn't beleive it when my automated payment system said I made 8 sales in 1 week. Thank you for allowing me to use the Full Pro Package with the Marketing Resources, this was one of the best investments that I've ever made!
--- Kevin Jefferson, International Marketing Consultant

"Subject: Excellent Package and Software,
body: Dear Koffi, I have sent a message from the website, so in case it went awol, I would like to congratulate you on the excellent package which I purchased a few days ago, and I have already made a sale! I would like to focus 100% on using this package so I would appreciate your guidance for the best results. Thanks again."
---Sandie H., Opt-in Email Marketer

"Wow, Hi Koffi, Stuart from Scotland, here I've just purchased your package Info in installments and logged into the members area, wow! I am a member of Neil Shearings private site and thought I'd seen it all until I saw yours. You have over delivered, I just dont see how I can fail to make money with your package and all these resources and personal guidance. I can't wait to tell my sister what I've come across;-)
Love and God Bless, Stuart"
---Stuart L. MACKERSY, from Scotland

I look forward to receiving a letter from you telling me "how well you're doing" with this MakeMoney Worldwide Package. They are the best letters that I ever get. Thank you very much for your valuable time...


Koffi Amouzouvi

If You have other Questions about the Package, just email me at:

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